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Lawyer An Thanh Son is a member of the Hanoi Bar Association. With over 25 years of experience in litigation, legal consultancy and teaching in the fields of law, banking business and business administration, Lawyer An Thanh Son has held many positions in various commercial banks (as Member of the Board of Directors, General Director, Standing Deputy General Director, Director of the Professional Department, Chief of Office, and Head of the Organization and Personnel Department), in enterprises (as Member of the Board of Directors, President of Company), in the Academy of Justice (as visiting lecturer) and in law firms (as Director, Chairman of the Boards of Members).


During his career, lawyer An Thanh Son has participated in resolving hundreds of cases relating to civil affairs (including those with the disputed value of up to hundreds of billions VND) and commercial business (including big transactions with the disputed values of up to thousands of billions VND). He regularly provides consultancy for many large businesses, conducts legal scientific research, and is the author of many reference books about the legal profession and training curriculums for lawyers, judges, and prosecutors.


Lawyer An Thanh Son possesses an LLB in Economic Law from Hanoi Law University, a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Engineering from Maritime University, and an MBA from Irvine University (USA).